Usui Reiki Healing Master

When experiencing the incredible power of reiki healing,

whether as a practioner or a subject, the use of reiki music

as a vital element in the healing process and as a tool that helps

alter the energy and help to take the healer and patient to that

mutual ground where the reiki healing can take place.

Reiki music helps to create the ambience, the energetic environment so it is important the right knd of musical vibrations are present to make the healing process, calming, peaceful and sublime for all involved. It should come from the heart and with healing intent.

This healing reiki music has been created by inhouse musician  a new age music and meditation music artist who underwent Reiki training to better understand and to fully experience the importance of sound and music in the healing process.

Healing music should be much more than simple background sounds. This is why before each piece of music created for healing, sending out reiki energy to the instruments and to those who may listen to the music in the future.

Each composition is largely spontaneous, improvised and intuitive, connecting to the energy of Reiki, inner space and to the spirit of healing, the result of which you can listen to here.

Suggested: Try this  video of relaxing music 

healing Music